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Med Beauty Swiss

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Med Beauty Products combine medical know-how with professional cosmetics and bridge the gap between cosmetics and medicine (cosmeceuticals). The products are developed by Med Beauty Swiss jointly with leading biochemistry labs in Switzerland and are produced with so called „healthy sources”, contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients than traditional cosmetic products and are therefore significantly more effective. Our comprehensive product range provides effective care solutions for all skin types.
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Highly concentrated vitamin supply

for the skin
VIP Vitamin Power: precise technology combined with highly-concentrated vitamin complexes. The patented Nano Solve solubilisation system guarantees a high level of bio availability and effectiveness. It is known from the world of medicine that Nano Solve has the ability to solubilise lipid and lipophilic active agents (making fat-soluble vitamins water-soluble). Thanks to highly-effective multi lamellar active agent carriers, the active agents are supplied to the deep layers of the skin up to the basal layer. This is where the vitamins start to display their repairing mechanisms. The Nano Solve technology allows us to use natural ingredients such as phospholipids from soya, which are free of parabens and PEGs, therefore also guaranteeing an optimum level of tolerance.
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«cell premium»

is the first, medical-cosmetic luxury Anti-Aging-skincare line from Switzerland. It‘s based on the „Advanced Anti-Aging Complex Dr.Gerny“ with active plant stem cells and hence a groundbreaking innovation that protects and regenerates stem cells of epidemics; with noticeable and visual results of rejuvenation of the skin.
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Gly Clean

Special treatment for impure skinConditions that lead to inflamed acne is seborrhoea (sebaceous glands hyper function), a sebaceous glands keratosis, a bacteria reproduction and as well as genetic terms. We use the ingredients Glycocitro-complex (ennobled fruit acids, or the treatment of impure skin, dissolving the horny layer), salicylic acid (horny layer dissolving and anti-inflammatory), Chlorhexidin (anti-inflammatory) and zinc oxide (antibacterial). Those ingredients counteract the cause of the development of acne. Thus the impure skin will improve fast and effectively.
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Gly Skin

Qualitative skin improvement refined with fruit acid
With the esterification of the fruit acid, the acid remains stable until it is introduced into the skin in order to unfold its ideal effectiveness. This led to the Glycocitrocomplex, which is used in the skin care line Gly Skin. The aim of this cosmetical implementation is to stimulate skin renewal by inducing the generation of new cells. The result is a similar, fine and clear skin and thus a visible younger appearance.
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