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Your Private Collection from Molinard

Your Private Collection from Molinard - LCPPackshotpoduit2

To celebrate the 165th anniversary of Maison Molinard,

I wanted to reconcile the past and the future, to revisit my own history, and to revive our letters patent.

Five perfumes for five generations … like the five fingers of the hand, the five ages of life, the five senses, the five elements.

Neither wholly feminine nor wholly masculine, this group of elixirs signs an exclusive collection: subtle and true; elegant and generous; sensitive, memorable, and timeless fragrances.
A veritable alchemy of pleasure, the Private Collection from Molinard awakens the senses and encourages them to live fully in our feelings, to understand what we love.
This language is my own, but its interpretation belongs to you. I invite you to make it your own, by living the experience of these five fragrances.
Your Private Collection from Molinard - CHERWOOD2
Through the Private Collection from Molinard, I am expressing everything which has been passed on to me: expertise, yes, but also values. I pay tribute to all those who have made this wonderful House what it is today.


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