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Permanent Make-Up from Heidelberg

Permanent beauty with Long-Time-Liner Conture® make-up!

Conture® make-up is no tattoo.
Tattoos last a lifetime and can only be removed surgically, for example by laser. With Conture® make-up from Heidelberg, microscopic colour pigments are introduced into the outer layers of the skin. These colour pigments remain there for a few years and fade away with cell renewal.

Conture® make-up is suited for different applications (and also for men):

  • When there is little time for make-up and people want to always optimize their looks
  • To optically enlarge eyes and lips
  • For frequent sauna or sports sessions
  • For burns or scars from accidents or other
  • After loss of facial hair, chemotherapy, circular hair loss, in cooperation with doctors and hospitals in Heidelberg
Not only eyebrows, eyeliner or lip contours are durably fixed with this method, also thinning hair can be camouflaged efficiently by Conture ® make-up, as an alternative to toupees or costly transplants. Even bald spots in the beard can be filled out.
With my 20 years of experience with Long-Time-Liner ® Conture ® make-up, I’m your expert for permanent make-up in Heidelberg. I have graduated from a specialized education in Human Medical Pigmentation. The Aziz Beauty Lounge is a Long-Time-Liner ® Elite partner. If you would like to get a permanent make-up in Heidelberg, please visit us at our Spa.

If you wish to make an appointment, please contact me.

Trend Make Up & Hairstyling Classes

Tips for contemporary do-it-yourself make-up, colour selection and hairstyling for the business day and for going out. Quick and easy hairdos & make-up for all occasions.
Individual counselling, 90 minutes

Permanent Make-Up from Heidelberg

For a permanent make-up from Heidelberg, please visit the Aziz Beauty Lounge. Permanent make-up is a durable make-up method placing the emphasis on eyebrows, eyes (eyelids) and lips.


introduces microscopic color pigments into the skin using a special technique as well as the Conture 2000 micro-pigmentation pen with an extremely fine, disposable needle.
The pigments introduced into the upper skin layer (epidermis) will stay there for several years. Part of the pigments (some 40%) will get inside the skin cells and another part (some 60%) in between the cells, in the so-called extracellular mass. For this reason, 30–40% of the new pigmentation will fade away about 6 to 8 days after the first treatment (our metabolism rapidly replaces altered skin cells, such as skin cells filled with pigments), so that only 60–70% of the color pigments will remain, fading slowly in the course of the 3-5 years that the extracellular mass needs to renew itself. Our long-term experience from more than 20 years of practicing the LONG-TIME-LINER® CONTURE Make-Up Method confirms a fading of the pigmentation after a few years.
The CONTURE 2000 pigmenting pen we are using has been approved and certified as a medical product by European Union standard CE 0123 and meets the highest demands from medical practitioners and Linergists® worldwide as the foremost pigmentation device for human medical purposes such as reconstructive camouflage and other appearance-enhancing pigmentation.

The application of permanent make-up requires a high standard of hygiene that only highly qualified professionals can ensure. Another very important pre-condition is that you can trust your beauty therapist and his or her competence. Quality is more important than price when it comes to permanent make-up!

I have been specializing in corrections of unsatisfactory permanent make-up for 18 years here in Heidelberg as well as in the Middle East where my clients wished to correct things like earlier pigmentations of their eyebrows that had turned out too dark or even bluish or greenish. I have been able to help large numbers of people restore their natural looks, which required lots of patience and expertise.

Our Experience

As a Linergist® Elite partner of LONG-TIME-LINER® and 20 years of professional experience in my daily practice, including 8 years of skin pigmentation experience in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Libanon), I was able to gather ample experience from different skin types and life styles for this confidence-requiring, delicate work. This vast experience I love to share with hesitating but interested ladies and gentlemen. For permanent make-up from Heidelberg, with us you are in the best of hands.

Permanent Make-Up Warranty

Creating durable make-up is very responsible work and requires a keen sense of form, colour and style as well as psychological sensitivity. You have to also be trained as a make-up artist. A permanent make-up LONG-TIME-LINER ® CONTURE Linergist® has the highest, certified competence for creating individual permanent make-up.
Permanent make-up pigmentation belongs in the hands of a trustworthy expert. Therefore, it is necessary to inform yourself in advance and make sure you choose a permanent make-up provider with a solid education and years of experience.

Permanent Make-Up Corrections

For over 18 years, our Beauty Lounge in Heidelberg has specialized in corrections of permanent make-up gone wrong. The most common permanent make-up mistakes are caused by insufficient training of the make-up provider with no sense of form and colour and no basic training as a make-up artist. According to my experience, only experts that have invested in thorough, professional training and continue to invest in annual training updates are able to achieve perfect results.
As an Elite partner of LONG-TIME-LINER ® CONTURE make-up, I have to undergo 5 days of training every year to satisfy the high quality standards of the company and of my customers.

Would you like to make an appointment for Permanent Make-Up from Heidelberg?

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