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9.Juli Permanent Make-up Infoabend

Colours for Permanent Make-Up

Ten different methods were used to investigate the risk potential of the CONTURE® Make-Up color pigments. Through chemical analyses, the color pigments were identified, evaluated and classified. Chemical composition and properties of the CONTURE® Make-Up color pigments were determined using the following research methods:
  • Macro-shots to analyze the color
  • Scanning electron macroscopy (REM) to analyze particle morphology
  • Energy dispersive analysis (EDX) to analyze the chemical composition
  • Wet chemical analysis (ICP) to analyze heavy-metal traces
  • X-ray defraction (XRD) to analyze the phases of cristallites present
  • Moisture and ash content analysis to determine the organic portion
  • Solubility tests in various solvents
  • Melting point and differential calorymetric (DCS) tests
  • Infrared spectroscopic identification
The results obtained from all of these individual analyses were combined and evaluated. The evaluation results were then classified according to the Cosmetics Act and international CTFA (Personal Care Products Council) standards, which require the use of substances listed in the so-called Blue List which also grades their allergen potential as follows:
  • A 0 = No allergenic effect observed, anti-allergenic
  • A 1 = Occasional allergenic reactions observed
  • A 2 = Substance can cause allergies
  • A 3 = Substance causes allergies
The classification for the Designer pigmentation colors from LONG-TIME LINER® is A0 and A1. The classification for the Conture 2000 pigmentation colors from LONG-TIME LINER® ist A0.

All pigmentation colors provided for the CONTURE® Make-Up method are manufactured in the company’s own laboratories under pharmaceutical conditions. All chemical elements found in these colors are considered non-allergenic and non-toxic. Toxic heavy-metals such as lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), chrome (Cr) or nickel (Ni) have not been found.

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