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Perfectly Styled for Spring and for Your Day

Countless women get up earlier in the morning to be able to start their day perfectly styled. Wouldn’t it be nice to skip some of this frantic activity in the morning and sleep a littler longer?
Long-Time Liner® Conture® make-up is the solution, making you look neat and well-groomed at all times.
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Already when you wake up, your lips, eyebrows and eyes are perfectly made up. And when you return home late at night, bothersome removal of eye make-up belongs to the past. Even when doing sports, in the sauna or swimming pool, permanent Conture® make-up won't disappear, and there will be no more lipstick stains on your clothes or drinking glasses.
Especially wearers of eyeglasses or contact lenses will benefit from permanent make-up, allowing them to put their magnifying mirror away.
Since Conture® make-up stays on for years, individual colours are selected together with you. With a special colour marker, we outline the desired lines. Only when everything looks perfect and you are completely satisfied with what you see, the permanent pigmentation work starts. With a Long-Time-Liner®- micro-pigmentation device, microscopic pigments are introduced into the upper skin layers. The result will be perfectly shaped eyebrows, full lips or eyes perfectly accentuated by permanent eyeliner.

My professional training as an Elite Linergist at the Long-Time-Liner® headquarters guarantees my clients the highest level of professional treatment. Free consultation as well as test colourings give my customers a good and safe feeling when making their decision about permanent make-up.

For further information, please contact me at my Beauty Lounge. Contact information