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Permanent Make-Up Information: Procedure and Duration of the Treatment


  • A CONTURE Make-Up treatment can be completed in one session only. You can return to your normal day-to-day activities right after completion of such a treatment.
  • Aftercare treatments are included in our price for the original treatment.
  • Form and color of your permanent CONTURE Make-Up will, of course, be determined together with you.
  • The CONTURE Make-Up Method is successfully used in medical settings for camouflage as well as reconstructive and general beauty enhancing pigmentation.
  • The CONTURE Make-Up Method is perfectly suited for clients using medication, for diabetics and hemophiliacs.

Important Permanent Make-Up Recommendations

  • We recommend a comprehensive consultation with color selection and pre-tracing of the desired pigmentation.
  • The consultation should inform you about risks, duration of the treatment, possible sensitivities to take into account during treatment as well as preventive measures regarding cold sores or very low pain tolerance.
  • The permanent LONG-TIME-LINER® Make-Up should be pre-traced in the desired colors and then scrutinized in daylight to make sure you really like what you have in mind. A trained visagist and stylist will always take utmost care when tracing and later pigmenting the desired features.
  • The Permanent Stylist of your choice should be well-trained and have many years of experience. Only then can you be sure your particular skin type will be recognized and respected and the color pigments correctly introduced into your skin.
  • The first impression is very important: Is the handling of this delicate beauty therapy method clean? What pigmentation device is being used? What colors are used, and are the needles used disposable? Which local anesthetic is being used?
  • Serious pricing always includes follow-up treatments or aftercare within 3 months.
    Permanent make-up touch-ups after 1–2 years usually have progressive pricing. After 3-5 years, re-pigmentations will be priced like first-time pigmentations and include two follow-up treatments.
  • Ask your beauty therapist for client photos and/or addresses for reference purposes, and don’t hesitate to ask for permission to look on when another client is being treated, if you feel unsure.
  • A flattering permanent make-up should always look natural. It should enhance your personality and strengthen your self-esteem when you know you look your best in any situation. A perfect permanent make-up creates balance and visually improves also aging features. Perfection or enhancement of forms and shapes can lead to superb results. And you can always be sure to be perfectly made up in all situations, not the least when doing sports or swimming.

Information about the Long-Time-Liner® Conture® Make-Up Method

  • After the pigmentation treatment you must follow our care instructions and use only the recommended products.
  • After the first sitting you may notice some uneven colouration: this will be balanced out in the second treatment session. Depending on your skin's receptivity to the ink, more than two sittings may be required.
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs and medicines may render your skin less receptive to the ink.
    Swelling seldom occurs, and then normally only for a few hours. But if swelling occurs and persists, please do not hesitate to contact us or a doctor.
  • The skin can become irritated after pigmentation and cold sores can break out in those with the herpes simplex virus. This depends, however, on the immune system of each person, not on the composition of the ink or on the pigmentation process. We can therefore offer no guarantees in this connection. If cold sores do break out, please use an appropriate herpes cream or contact a doctor. We recommend that you then take precautions before any follow-up treatment.
  • How long your pigmentation or Conture® Make-up lasts before fading depends on your skin type, your skin metabolism and your care regime. We cannot therefore give any guarantees regarding durability.
  • In rare cases, even after many sittings, the desired results may not be achieved on account of the skin’s failing to assimilate the ink pigments. Equally, colour mixing effects can arise on account of the use of different inks. We therefore cannot give any guarantees regarding the success of the treatment.
  • We strongly recommend that you protect your pigmentation with the highest possible sun protection factor before exposing it to sunlight.
  • In rare instances, allergic reactions may occur.