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Beautiful Hands and Feet

With products from FABY Lacquering

Beautiful Hands and Feet - schoene-haende
  • Manicure Classic Spa (with peeling, nail oil, massage)
  • Manicure Luxury Spa (with peeling, nail structuring cures, mask, massage)
  • Manicure Luxury Royal (like Luxus Spa + anti-age serum, highly efficient on pigmentation spots)
  • French
  • Permanent polish (plus)
  • Pedicure Freshen-Up
  • Pedicure Classic Spa
  • Pedicure Luxury Spa
  • Pedicure Luxury Royal
  • Faby Lacquering Gel Color(plus)
  • Faby Lacquering Gel Color French (plus)
  • Fbay Lacquering Nail Polish as Home Polish
Beautiful Hands and Feet - Fuesse
We pamper your hands and feet with a bath/cocktail made of seasonal herbs and fruits, a peeling, mask and massage according to your booking.
Prices for natural-nail reinforcement and nail modelling on request.

We will be happy to help you with your selection of our treatments. Please make a reservation for your treatment session. After a careful evaluation, we will address your requirements individually and choose your optimal treatment together with you.

If you wish to make an appointment, please contact me.