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Ägyptos Vitalising Wrap

Ägyptos Vital wrap

with the famous vitalising clay-
Breaks down cellulite!
Ägyptos Vital wrap
The successful way to obtain firm, beautiful skin and a delicate body silhouette.

Ägyptos wrap (1) 105 minutes
Ägyptos wrap cure (3)
Ägyptos wrap cure (5)

Ägyptos – a gift of nature to your skin!

Ägyptos utilizes the age-old knowledge about the oriental fountain of youth and has developed it further based on the latest scientific research. This resulted in the vital wrap with the finest healing earth, salt from the Dead Sea as well as other precious minerals.

Feel well and enjoy

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Ägyptos Vitalising Wrap - Englisch_Seite7

Ägyptos Vitalising Wrap - Englisch_Vorderseite

Feel well and enjoy