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9.Juli Permanent Make-up Infoabend

Geschenk als Dankeschön!
Ein Dankeschön an alle treuen Stammkunden: Bei Ihrer nächsten Behandlung Ihr Geschenk: ein...
Bei gereizter Haut (Masken,Desinfektionsmittel)
Gestresste Haut durch Mundnasenschutz Wir stellen fest, dass im Moment die Hautreizungen ...

Facial Treatments of Aziz Beauty Lounge & Day Spa
in Heidelberg

Cell Premium Method by Dr. Gerny- Med Beauty Swiss

cell premium deluxe

Selected high quality active ingredients and the unique signature treatment method support your skin in retaining its youthfulness. After
this, a micro-pulsator is used to relax the skin tissue.
Now the high-concentrate stem cell extract Malus
Domestica, which comes from a rare Swiss variety of
apple, penetrates the skin with the help of combined
ultrasound-magnetic technology. The sensitive skin
around the eyes is pampered with a cell premium eye
mask. The massage included in the treatment combines
a special pressure point technique with drainage
techniques. Your skin is left effectively unblocked and completely relaxed.
Wellness time approx. 90 minutes

cell premium vitality

Take advantage of the revitalising and soothing properties of Alpine rose stem cells. Alpine rose extract has always been used to treat inflammatory changes. Furthermore it is known for its vitalising properties. The massage technique is a fusion of high-tech ingredients and targeted massage techniques developed specifically for med beauty. Both of these together reactivate the
energy flow and give you visible results in connection with unforgettable feel-good moments.
Wellness time approx. 90 minutes

cell premium pre age

The grape stem cells technology «PhytoCellTec™ SolarVitis» is a real milestone on the path to a youthful, healthy complexion. The skin is protected from premature skin aging caused by UV rays. Skin damage that has already been caused by photoaging can be corrected. Corresponding to the cell premium method, the skin will be prepared. After this high-concentrate stem cell extracts are transported into the skin using ultrasound-magnetic field technology. A specially developed pressure point massage for the head and face relaxes and at the same time regulates the energy flow. We give extra attention to the sensitive skin around the eyes with a soft, effective eye pad mask.
Afterwards, an apple alginate mask nourishes the skin with the exclusive cell premium mix of ingredients.
Wellness time approx. 90 minutes

cell premium business

This exclusive cell premium treatment is aimed at customers with less time but high demands for a treatment with immediately noticeable effects and longlasting results. Based on the cell premium method, this is an optimal skin treatment for those with a limited time budget. The treatment is also ideal as a lunchtime treatment: a small reward to break up a stressful day.
Wellness time approx. 60 minutes

Age Defyer Lift Treatment- Med Beauty Swiss

This regenerating anti-aging treatment ensures a completely new skin experience. A scrub with amino acids perfectly prepares the skin for the highly efficientactive agentcomplex MPC™ (Milk Peptide Complex). MPC™ contains natural, biologically active polypeptides (cytokines) from milk and stimulates the cell migration.
This helps to postpone the skin aging process and to regenerate the cells. The skin‘s active agent absorption ability is intensified through the massage and light plaster modelling.
Wellness time approx. 90 minutes
Ultra-Rejuvenating Power

Vitality Freshness Treatment- Med Beauty Swiss

This vitalising caring treatment with the strength of skin-identical, highly concentrated vitamins is the fresh lift your skin is calling for. The dead skin scales are dissolved through a microdermic peeling treatment and the skin circulation is stimulated: an ideal preparation for the subsequent intensive care for the infiltration of vitamins with ultrasound. The skin is then revitalised with an energising massage and mask.

Wellness time approx. 55 minutes

Skin Clear Treatment- Med Beauty Swiss

The combination of medical knowledge and cosmetic experience is an effective means for combating impure skin. Perfectly coordinated, highly effective ingredients
such as refined fruit acids, amino acids, zinc, chlorhexidine, salicylic acid and vitamins support the regression of impurities and prevent the formation of new blackheads. The cleansing of impurities is important because blackheads can be the precursors of scarring inflammations. Accordingly medical-cosmetic
concentrates are introduced deep into the skin under a mask commensurate with the skin type.
Wellness time approx. 60 minutes
Freshness-Kick for Tired Skin

SIBACARE products

- will follow-

SIBACARE products

- will follow-

SIBACARE products

- will follow-

MCSP – Multi-Colour Skin Performer

To lift, firm, purify and for lymph drainage after surgery - medically verifiable.

6-pack treatment
12-pack treatment + 1 free

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