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Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda Massage - KruterstempelBhudda2


Ayurveda is with more than 5000 years the oldest traditional health teachings and comes of the old-indian healing culture.
In Ayurveda the individual constitution of a human, called Vata, Pitta and Kapha will be brought in natural balance by massage, nutrition as well as health consultation.
Disbalances of the own constitution and therefore the associated health problems like indisposition, pain, blockages and illnesses plus emotional variation etc. can so be met successfully.
Because of the smooth and yet powerful hand movement at the massage, the Ayurvedic treatments have a pleasant, intensely relaxing and calming effect on body and soul.

The effects of Ayurveda

The particular weak points of the constitutional types can cause diseases.
Ayurveda interferes here, she is integrated active:
For relaxation, as a preventive health care, for mental and emotional advancement, also accompanying for many diseases (please speak with your doctor before), vitalizing.
The recipes of the intensively active Ayurvedic herbal oils are especially focused on the needs of the different constitutional types wherefore the oil will be selected individually for each customer before each therapy.
By warm oil massages tensions will be solved, muscles loosened, well-being is increased and can also protect against illnesses.
One feels balanced out and satisfied, already while the Ayurvedic treatment nervousness, irritability and unpleasant feelings like insomnia, headache, faintness, skin irritations etc. can be reduced.


- traditional Ayurvedic whole body massage
The Abhyanga is the jewel among the Ayurvedic oil massages and it is particularly helpful to relieve the physical and mental strain.
The strong soothing and regenerating impact of the highly effective oils promotes the function and the cleaning of skin, muscles, tissues, bones and tendons. She stimulates cell metabolism and lymph flow and provides in such a way the sense of well-being and inner harmony.
Ayurveda Massage - AsiamassageinNatur