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Energy Massage in Heidelberg

Energy-Balance with Colour Light

Re-awakening – Deep Relaxation and Contemplation, the Way to Your True Self

Wellness time 60 min. (+ 15 min. for settling down and selecting colour oils and stones)

This treatment is more than a relaxation massage: Of course it is stimulating and unblocking, but the combination of massage, gem stone and colour light turns it into a holistic experience, which treats body, mind and soul simultaneously and gives you deep well-being and comfort, a radiant beauty and inner balance.

Energy-Balance feels pleasant, harmonizing, regenerating and comforting. Strong physical and psychological blockades and tensions will be released, the energy flow stimulated, limiting structures redefined (very helpful for depression). Through the stimulation of the lymphatic system, this treatment is also purifying and detoxifying. It enhances blood circulation, contributes to the regeneration of the skin and has a positive influence on the costal muscles, which results in improved, deeper breathing. And last but not least, warmth plays an important role in your well-being: Stones and massage oil are pleasantly warmed, which alone makes you enjoy a better blood circulation in your skin and muscles.

This treatment includes a warm foot bath, a “shower of sounds”, and the use of a number of gemstones and colour oils, including a drink of your stone’s water.

Lying down on a comfortable, warm bed, you will be wrapped in cosy blankets and feel in total relaxation the vitalizing power of the gem stones. Precious oils pamper your skin and your hair while sounds and coloured light are restoring your inner balance. You will return to your day-to-day life with lots of new energy and a radiant beauty.

Energy Power with colour light

A journey to the origins

Wellness time 90 min. (+ 15 min. for settling down and selecting colour oils and stones)

This treatment is similar to the Energy-Balance treatment (please see “Energy-Balance” for details) in its action and application, but focuses even more on the holistic aspect, the “awakening” and resolving of energetic congestions and blockades. In addition, and in accordance with your individual needs, more attention is given to individual parts of your body (such as joints). All in all, this wellness treatment is characterized by even stronger applications and the utilization of a wider range of products.