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Room concepts to residential and business premises and furnishing ideas

Vitaelize Your Life

Between the energy model of a human being and the energy quality of a room or place ever swings, more or less consciously, a certain resonance.

Because of this response, we can identify areas in the image of our being and our consciousness. Some beliefs and perceptions are also found in our environment back into manifested forms.

We have to consider the possibility of our being by far, so new ways are possible. This can lead to new views and insights, resulting in appropriate solutions for harmonization in the field by itself.

The newly elected spatial quality has a positive, stabilizing and changing on our inner being. New experiences in life are possible.

Vitae = Lifestyle

Set up - Living - Wellbeing

Your home is the place where you like to relax, to feel safe and recharge.

The basis of good advice is an accurate statement of your needs and desires and the detailed study of the spatial conditions.

Work - Success - Recognition-Your Advantage

You want to realize your goals and create a positive energy to work?

You want to have focused, good-humored and highly motivated employees?

A harmonious interior design here is a balancing act and at the same time invigorating.

And not only your employees but also your customers, clients and patients should feel comfortable with you. This allows your office or store optimized or well being of your practice with the right interior design can be increased.

Meet the business challenges with alternative tools.

How does a consultancy work?

At an initial meeting / phone call we get to know us and discuss your needs and expectations of my advice, and their scope.

You will then receive an offer and with your permission a detailed analysis of the following conditions on the ground.

For all rooms, I will also express recommendations, according to your wishes and goals. These are individually and personally tailor made for you, according to your interior design style and just in general. My goal is to help you to design spaces that are perfectly matching to you, strengthening you and help you feeling good all over.

The following documents are important:

  • The layout of the apartment / office and all the floors of your house
  • Photos of each room
  • The Year of your house, possibly the date of the last major renovation

My services for residential and business premises:

  • Advice on planning and development of a new or remodeling
  • Situation analysis, decision support and advice when choosing a property
  • Ambient and analysis of existing building space
  • Holistic interior design concepts
  • Individual color and lighting concepts
  • Decision support in selecting the right colors and materials
  • Space - use and design concepts
  • Furniture and independent product research recommendations
  • Design of the outdoor / garden design
  • Search for furniture and matching accessories
  • Shopping assistance
  • Assistance in the implementation of the recommendations
The cost for a consultation are always individual and due to your specific needs, the number of people turn out, the base of the object and extent of documentation varies. Please ask for an individual offer.

I consult in Germany and all main European countries in German and English language.

Are you interested in a consultation?
Then contact us and arrange an appointment for a consultation where we discuss your wishes and ideas.