Hygiene Guidelines LTL Corona Protection

To protect yourself, your employees and your customers, please keep the following in mind
- One day before the appointment, clarify health issues by phone, if there are symptoms of cold, contact with a person with COVID19 in the past 14 days
- Do not bring accompanying persons (also no children)
- Only one customer per 20m²
- Obligatory mouth and nose mask requirement for customers and employees
- Provide disinfectant at the entrance
- No entry if there are signs of infection
- Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 m
- If the customer is in the waiting area, please wait outside the institute
- Prefer contactless payment, when contacting cash, wash and disinfect hands
- Only customers with completed customer questionnaires (including health status questions) are treated
- No "walk-in appointments"

General rules:
- Employees with signs of infection or after contact with a COVID 19 person must not come to work
- No drinks / sweets or newspapers are offered in the waiting area
- Hourly ventilation
- unconditional compliance with the sneeze and cough label
- Wash work clothes at 60 ° every evening
- Please plan a break of 20 between two customer appointments for cleaning, disinfection of the treatment area
- If the treatment lasts longer than planned, the following customer must be informed by phone
- Cell phones must remain in the break room
- Customers' cell phones are not to be touched
- iPad should be cleaned with a disinfected cleaning cloth after each use.
- Disinfect door handles after each customer
- Call the customer the day before the appointment:
o Ask about signs of infection or cold symptoms
o Ask about officially ordered quarantine
o In these cases, postpone the appointment

- Greeting the customer – no hand shake
- Give customer a mouth / nose protection if he/she does not have his/her own
- The customer hangs up his/her jacket himself/herself
- Have customer information including questions about health status completed by the customer, sick customers or customers with symptoms of illness are not served
- Wear mouth / nose protection and protective shield / glasses during treatment
- Wash and disinfect hands before and after treatment
- Change towels and bed cover after each treatment
- Disinfect the workplace, device and accessories after each treatment
- Disinfect the protective shield / goggles after each treatment
- Prefer cashless payment, wash and disinfect hands after contact with cash or card
- Change mouth protection and disposable gloves as usual for every customer

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