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My motto: happy aging!
I experienced my love of beauty in many different ways, depending on the country, culture and ideal of beauty in the countries I visited. This always gave me impulses to live out my vocation and to always look for innovative and scientifically sound opportunities in this profession in order to underline, model and maintain the natural beauty of women and men for a long time.
After completing my training in 1975, I first went to Switzerland , and in 1978 I opened my own cosmetic institute in Mannheim. 1982 one in Heidelberg, I stayed here for 25 years, then the big, wide world attracted me. The leap into the world of the Arab regions in 2000 was daring. Very daring, but in retrospect I don't want to miss the great wealth of experience of the countries from 1001 nights. On the one hand, I got to know the attitude and dealings of Arab women with themselves. And when I was giving advice, I looked deeply into your skin and your care requirements.
Travel and training in foreign countries, which we usually only get to know on vacation trips, showed me the advantages and disadvantages as well as the climatic influences of hot countries like India and the Middle East as well as the cosmetic measures in preparation and in an emergency. In Asia, I was trained as a Reiki master and teacher.
Working with renowned doctors, among whom were capacities like Dr. Fernandes from South Africa , I was able to acquire further special expertise : regarding the skin texture, dealing with problem skin such as acne, couperose, premature skin aging, pigment spots and wrinkles.
Since I've been back in my homeland Heidelberg , my small, fine practice at the Europäische Hof Heidelberg is the place to receive and spoil my - also international - customers in appropriately designed rooms.
The expert
One always says "eyes are the mirror of the soul". I say "The skin is the mirror of the soul and the body" . That is why every woman and every man deserves soft, tender and beautiful-looking skin. And I am committed to that.
The basis of this is 39 years of professional experience, a broad spectrum of knowledge , from skin diagnosis to the use of therapeutically holistic treatments for the face and body, in combination with herbal stem cell therapy and the use of colored light lifting and the associated therapy. In addition, there is more than 25 years of experience and constant training in the field of permanent makeupand corrections. I carry out this work with great passion and perfection, because I believe that you can look as neat as possible at any age, even after emergency situations.

The right mix and the skilful use of all methods including my specially developed special concept for skin and body are always tailored to the customer and his skin .

Respect, empathy and joy in dealing with people of all cultures are a matter close to my heart. All of this gives you the guarantee of visible, long-lasting results.
The satisfaction and recommendation of my customers are the best proof for me.
Qualifications at a glance:
Training in:
cosmeceuticals cosmetic
lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder
Medical Cosmetics, Pedicure
Holistic therapies through HP training
medicinal herbs essence therapy according to Dr. rer. nat. Gümbel
Reiki Training 1985 Master & Teacher 1999
Light Therapy 1983 Shiatsu Face Massage
Acupressure Face Massage
Permanent Training 1990 Long –Time –Liner®
Special Training Long –Time Liner® 2007 Camouflaging pigmentation for scars, distortion and breast pigmentation after cancer OP
congresses, further training in Zurich with Med Beauty Swiss, Dr.Gerny
Annual further training in medical cosmetics, LTL Permanent Make-up, Munich
Medical congresses, annual further education South Africa 2000-2004.


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